Never Again!!!

To all those races, colors, and creeds, every man bleeds

For the countless victims and all their families of

The murderted, tortured and slaved, raped, robbed and persecuted

Never Again, To the men, women and children

Who died in their struggle to survive, never to be forgotten

never again

Quote from the song Never Again (1998) by white Jewish rapper Remedy and Wu-tan-clan. The song starts with a prayer. The song is a memory and a warning for the tragedy of the Holocaust / Shoa.

The chorus goes like this:

Never Again shall we march like sheep to the slaughter

Never Again shall we sit and take orders stripped of our culture, robbed of our name. Raped of our freedom and thrown into the flames. Forced from our families, taken from our homes. Moved from our God then burned of our bondes.




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