Project Holocaust and Memory

In week 19 (May 8-12) 2017 we’ll have our project week on Holocaust and Memory. “We” that is 2 classes and 4 teachers from a 10th grade Swiss school. My name is Heinz Hauser-Renner.

We’ll visit KZ Dachau north of Munich, the new NS-Museum and other interesting places in Munich. We will host and interview a holocaust survivor at our school. We also planned to watch 2 films about the Holocaust (probably Schindler’s list and 1 more).

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.                                                       George Santayana, writer and philosopher.

Our Goals:

  1. We’ll deal with the sad and evil, oppression, violence, genocide. The fate of victims and the actions of criminals will fill our hearts with compassion and anger. We want to move from the past into the present and ask ourselves: What did we learn? Are we ready to meet our fellow men (even in conflicts) with respect and tolerance?
  2. We want to deal with the past. We believe that we must always remember the Holocaust.
  3. We believe that we can learn from history. We want to study the Holocaust and what we learn shall guide our future actions.
  4. We will produce digital reactions on our learning, our feelings and our experiences before, during and after this project week in May 2017 with texts, fotos and videos on this site: statements against hatred, statements in memory of the victims.